Clark Students Earn Medals in SkillsUSA CNC Contests

On April 27th, two Clark students participated in the CNC Milling contest and nine students participated in the Automated Manufacturing Technology Contest at the SkillsUSA California State Competition. The Clark students excelled, earning the Gold and Bronze Medals in CNC Milling and the Bronze medal in Automated Manufacturing Technology. This year marks the third consecutive year Clark has won the California State gold medal in CNC Milling, and the first year Clark has earned a medal in Automated Manufacturing Technology. The CNC Milling Specialist gold medalist Tony C. will head to the national competition in Louisville, Kentucky in June where he will attempt to earn a national medal competing against other state gold medalists from across the country.

Automated manufacturing Technology and CNC Milling contestants from Clark Magnet High School

Bronze Medalist Akshay K. (left) and gold medalist Tony C. (right).

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Clark students tour Haas Automation factory

On Wednesday February 27th, 30 students from Clark’s Computer-Aided Manufacturing class FIRST Robotics Team 696 toured the Haas Automation factory in Oxnard, CA. This incredible facility features over 1.2 million square feet of indoor space housing hundreds of CNC machines, and multiple high-volume assembly lines. Students got to witness first-hand the steps of assembling a machine from the raw casting, to installing the linear guideways and ballscrews, to fitting the enclosure and electronics, and finally validating and testing the assembled machine. Photos of the visit are shown below.

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Clark Students Sweep the SkillsUSA California CNC Milling Competition!

On April 21st, 2018, seven Clark students participated in the CNC Milling contest at the SkillsUSA California State Competition. The Clark students excelled, sweeping the top three spots and earning the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. This marks the second year Clark has competed, and the second year claiming the Gold medal. The gold medalist Jasmine M. will head to the national competition in Louisville, Kentucky in June where she will attempt to earn a national medal competing against other state gold medalists from across the country. A picture of the contestants is shown below:

Clark Magnet High School 2018 SkillsUSA CNC Milling contestants.

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Students Earn Medals at SkillsUSA Region 3 Contest

Clark students in official uniform for the SkillsUSA Automated Manufacturing Technology and CNC Milling Specialist competitions.

On February 3rd, a total of 18 students from the Computer-Aided Manufacturing class and FIRST Robotics Team 696 took part in the annual SkillsUSA Region 3 competition, which encompasses all of Los Angeles and Ventura counties. We are proud to announce that the Clark students excelled in the competition, taking the Gold Silver and Bronze medals in the CNC Milling Specialist competition, and the Gold and Silver medals in the Automated Manufacturing competition. The students are now preparing for their upcoming run for nationals at the California state competition to be held April 19-22. A photo of the students is shown below.

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CAM Class Earns NIMS Credentials

Last month, twenty students in our Computer-Aided Manufacturing class attempted the rigorous National Institute for Metalworking Skills Level 1 credentials in the areas of Measurement, Materials, and Safety, CNC Milling Machine Operations, and CNC Milling Machine Programming. We are proud to announce that this year’s class has earned 46 credentials, approximately double the number earned last year. Even more impressive is the fact that we have accelerated the curriculum to complete NIMS testing during first semester, compared to last year’s class where we spent the entire year preparing. During second semester, students will focus on advanced CAM toolpath programming techniques. We have applied for NIMS program and facility national accreditation, and once we complete the process, we will be the only high school in the state of California with this distinction. A photo of this year’s class with their NIMS certificates is shown below.

2017-18 CAM Class

Clark students in the 2017-18 Computer-Aided Manufacturing class show their NIMS credentials.

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New Instructional Lesson Videos Posted

We are proud to announce our second-release of instructional lesson videos. This set of new videos available on our How To Videos page and on the Clark Magnet Engineering YouTube channel features lessons on how to operate the Techno CNC router, the PlasmaCAM CNC plasma cutter, and numerous videos related to the Haas CNC milling machine such as machine poweron process, setting work and tool offsets, mixing coolant, and probing. Enjoy!

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FIRST Robotics Team 696 WINS Los Angeles Regional Competition!

On the weekend of March 25th, Clark Magnet High School’s FIRST Robotics Team 696 competed against 59 other teams from across California and some from as far away as Arizona, Hawaii, and even Chile. The competition was fierce and intense, but the students did an amazing job.

Of the 60 teams competing, Clark’s team of 31 students was the only undefeated team through 9 qualification rounds, and remained undefeated through the quarterfinals. The team went on to win two of three matches in the semifinals, and then again in the finals, crowning them Winners of the 2017 Los Angeles Regional competition held in Long Beach. The regional win is the first for the team in the last 10 years, and the second in the team‘s history.

Team 696 Wins Los Angeles

Team 696 with their gold medals and blue banner after winning the 2017 Los Angeles FIRST Robotics Regional Competition.

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Clark Students Win at SkillsUSA Region 3 Contests!

On January 28th and February 4th, 18 students from Clark’s manufacturing program participated in the SkillsUSA Region 3 competitions. This was our school’s first ever entry into SkillsUSA, which is a national organization that encompasses a framework of workplace skills, personal skills, and technical skills grounded in academics. The Region 3 area includes all of Los Angeles and Ventura counties. All 18 students qualified for the state contest held in San Diego, CA in April.

Furthermore, our students took the gold, silver, and bronze medals (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) in both the Automated Manufacturing Technology and the CNC Milling Specialist competitions!

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