Inventor HSM 2016 Now Available

Autodesk’s CAM solution for Inventor has been updated to include turning capabilities and AnyCAD support, which allows it to import model data from virtually any other CAD application. Inventor HSM is integrated seamlessly into Inventor and allows users to easily take their ideas from concept to completion using one software product. CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software is used to generate toolpaths which are then translated into commands for CNC machines to produce precision components from raw materials.

Inventor HSM Express is outright free for anyone and offers powerful 2.5 axis high speed machining capabilities. Dozens of other titles are available to students on the Autodesk Education Community. The extremely extremely powerful professional-grade software provided by Autodesk allows student to bring their ideas to life in solid models and digital visualizations. The free educational licenses available are fully-featured and provide a fantastic opportunity for students to improve their design skills and knowledge from home. With many of today’s employers seeking candidates with CAD/CAM software skills to fill positions in their companies, students will benefit greatly from investing the time to learn how to use this powerful software.