What is Clark Magnet Engineering?

Clark Magnet Engineering is a program that oversees engineering education and manufacturing at Clark Magnet High School.

What types of classes are offered?

Three courses are offered to all students of Clark Magnet as electives: Intro to Engineering, Principles of Engineering, and Computer-Aided Manufacturing.

How do students participate in the program?

Clark students may participate in a number of ways. Any student can take the three engineering classes. Clark’s engineering clubs are also open to all students. Students may apply to participate in FRC Team 696.

Is there an application process?


Are there requirements for participating?


What tools are available to students?

The Clark Magnet Engineering lab provides access to:

  • a HAAS CNC Mini Mill
  • a HAAS CNC Super Mini Mill 2
  • VersaLaser
  • Techno­Isel CNC Router
  • Tormach 15L Slant Pro CNC Lathe
  • one manual lathe,
  • one manual mill,
  • one horizontal band saw,
  • two vertical band saws,
  • one Dewalt miter saw,
  • two manual drill presses,
  • 23 computers with Autodesk Inventor and OneCNC XR6 CAM software programs
  • Several 3D printers
  • many manual/hand tools

Experienced mentors and instructors oversee the lab to ensure a safe and productive working environment.

Is there a cost involved with participating?


What types of projects have students completed in the past?


Are summer programs offered?

We are exploring the possibility of offering summer programs. You may participate in a survey that will help us understand what type of summer program may be most beneficial to the community.