The Clark Magnet High School features three labs in the engineering program.

The Advanced Engineering Lab 6302 on the Clark Magnet High School campus features nearly 3,000 square feet of creative space providing access to some of the newest and most advanced design software and manufacturing equipment available. The space was conceptualized in the Fall of 2011 with the objective of building student proficiency in manufacturing processes on the basis that students experienced in manufacturing will reach higher levels of success in engineering design.  Today, the facility is still growing with the addition of new equipment and is home to the the Principles of Engineering and Computer Aided Manufacturing classes as well as the FIRST Robotics Team 696 and Girls Engineering and Robotics (GEARS) club.

We are also exploring the possibility of using the lab to host summer programs for students in the community at large.

The lab now features two Haas CNC vertical machining centers, three CNC lathes, two CNC routers, seven 3D printers, TIG and MIG welders, a computer-controlled vinyl cutter, and a CNC plasma cutter, as well as a wide array of traditional and classical metalworking and woodworking equipment.

The design portion of the lab features 22 high-spec HP Z230 computers workstations installed in March of 2015 to allow students to work with complex 3D models and advanced manufacturing simulations.  Each workstation features a high-resolution 27″ widescreen display and includes a full suite of business productivity, engineering, manufacturing, and design software including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Inkscape, Autodesk Inventor Professional, HSM Pro, 3ds Max, Immerse2Learn, and OneCNC XR6.  Additionally, licenses of MatLab, MathCAD, and LabView are available to students as needed.  Furthermore, the lab computers feature NetOp Vision software which allows the instructor display his screen in real-time to every student computer, essentially providing every student a “front row seat”.


The Introduction to Engineering Lab 5203 features eight large tables for collaborative design, assembly and robot testing and is home to three 9th-grade Technical Literacy classes, two Introduction to Engineering classes, and the two extracurricular VEX Robotics teams 696A and 696B.

For digital design and robot programming, the lab features 16 student desktop and 22 student laptop computers installed within the past year.  The desktops and laptops both feature 1080 high-definition displays, 8GB of memory, and Autodesk Inventor Professional software.  The lab also houses a multitude of VEX robotics electromechanical components arranged into 16 full kits and VersaLaser VL200 computer-controlled laser cutter machine and a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer both used to fabricate components for Mini-Sumo robot projects.


Next door, the VEX Robotics Lab 5204 features a regulation-spec VEX competition playing field and game elements for tournament-style practice and robotic mechanism development.


Additionally, this lab houses a six-monitor display wall which travels to local events to display ultra-high-resolution animations and simulations.