Principles of Engineering

Course Description

Principles of Engineering offered at Clark Magnet High School is intended to serve as an advanced-level class for students who have previously completed a year of Intro to Engineering or Robotics Engineering or have participated in the extracurricular FIRST Robotics Team 696 for one or more full seasons. Topics includes workshop safety, proper tool and equipment usage, and advanced project design, construction, testing and documentation. The class promotes and incorporates collaborative learning in small groups.

Goals and Learning Outcomes

Through the Principles of Engineering class, students will become familiar with using a variety of lab tools including computers, manual lathe, manual and CNC milling machines, CNC router, 3D printer, sheet metal forming tools, various saws, electrical test equipment, drills and other hand and power tools.  Safety and proper tool usage will be emphasized.  Additionally, students will become familiar with mechanical design using Autodesk Inventor CAD software while exploring the concept-to-completion design process.  For second semester, students are encouraged to develop projects of their own design that can be brought to reality utilizing the lab equipment.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout this course, students will:

  1. Demonstrate safe practices while in the workshop and while using equipment.
  2. Build proficiency in using design software and manufacturing and prototyping equipment.
  3. Manage a project through its entire process, from “back of the napkin” sketch to finished product
  4. Document work progress regularly